Sending Fake emails Anonymously

Updated: Apr 22

In this article we are going to learn about how to send a fake email

Now there are a number of ways to do this.

The easiest is just to go on Google and look for spoof emails online.

You'll see a lot of Web sites that will allow you to do this.

The only problem with these Web sites is the e-mail that you're going to send will end up in this spam directory of the target person. So it will not be delivered into their inbox which is not great.

The main reason for this is because these Web sites are public and a lot of people use them for spamming mail servers so such as Google Hotmail and Yahoo have blacklisted these servers and any email that comes from the servers that these Web sites use will be marked as spam. Therefore in order to bypass this you can either use your own server if you already have a Web hosting plan or you can sign up for a free web hosting plan and use that to send your fake emails or an even better solution is to sign up for an SMTP or a mail server.

So we will go for Sendinblue website

This Web site is designed for e-mail marketing and for actual companies to communicate with their customers. So when you send e-mails through the servers of this Web site they will not be marked as spam because it's very rarely used for spam so we're going to sign up with this Web site.

We have to open in our webrowser

Click button of Take a free test drive!

After that create your account, just make sure you put a correct phone number because they will send you verification code on that number after that We are good to go

So in kali we are going to use a program called # send email

# send email -xu X -xp Y -s Z :portno -f "from email" -t "send to email" -u "title" -m "message"


  • X is username of your sendinblue aacount

  • Y is password

  • Z is smtp server of sendinblue

you have to obtain all these information from sendinblue account

The email was really send successfully ,

This was just an basic example without any intention, but we can make a great use of this in hacking purpose what we have to do is follow the same procedure but in addition attach a file and that file will be your backdoor file.

First you will need to upload your backdoor file in dropbox in form of any document and once the backdoor file is downloaded by the target person you can listen for the connections in your terminal using msfconsole.

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